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This is the first ever PORTAL PAINTING of the series. 


Spray paint on canvas. Singed and dated on reverse. 76 x 60 cms.


The PORTAL PAINTINGS begun in 2019 are inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle who I had the great fortune to meet and communicate directly with in 2016 in Vancouver:


One of things he said to me was:


“One of the main functions of art is to become a portal. If I can perceive beauty everywhere in nature, I don’t really need art anymore, because art is everywhere. There are many humans who cannot perceive it but they may be able to through art, to open up within themselves that portal by contemplating art.”


(Eckhart Tolle in conversation with artist Alexander de Cadenet for Watkins Magazine, #50, September 2017).


The Portal Paintings are designed to bring about a transformative experience for the viewer – to inspire a connection to a deeper dimension of peace and tranquillity. The portal is both the whole artwork and is also a feature within the artwork; created by the space around it, in itself it is emptiness.


The space both within the portal and outside the portal is actually the same tone but due to the optical illusion looks brighter within the portal.

Meditation 1

  • Limited editon of 3 + 1 A/P prints in one size are available of this work, please see the Portal Paintings Prints Collection for more information. 

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