MEDITATION PAINTINGS |  2019 - present

The recent Meditation Paintings are inspired by the idea of minimum effort, maximum effect or ‘Seiryoku Zenyo’. In this sense, the paintings take hardly any time at all to make.


They are designed to be the focus of a meditation practice, as an aid to enter into a deeper state – a state of no thought.


“The artist asks us, not to consider the cosmic and metaphorical in opposition to the ordinary, but as being part of it, integral to it"

Oliver Basciano, deputy editor of Art Review, 2010  

"The continuity of the Line is a metaphor for the continuity of the individual human life".

Edward Lucie-Smith, 2016


"The brush was...moved across the surface of the canvas in a single flowing gesture, without passing or being lifted from it. The line is never broken. The continuity of the line is a metaphor for the continuity of the individual human life. The different coloured strands incorporated in the single flowing brushstroke can also be read as metaphorical: the shifting moods evoked in the artist’s psyche by different kinds of experiences, but all of them inextricably bound together, as the various hues are thanks to the forward movement of the brush".

Edward Lucie-Smith, 2016


These paintings give an overview of a whole life cycle from beginning to end. There is the chance to contemplate a whole journey on the picture plane – the interruptions, the ups and downs, the interactions and intermixing with different colours and other ‘life-lines’ and how the journey is impacted and altered by the variety of ‘situations’ encountered.